Friday, September 14, 2012

A Little Preview

Ready for a little preview of some of the items available at the upcoming September Barn Sale Event?
I'll admit ... there's A LOT of amazing merchandise! Here's a few items for your garden or outdoor decor.

Our own army of dogs (kidding!)
Lots of beautiful dog statues...perfect for your porch!

One of 3 benches and a pair of urns
We've got several other urns and planters too

Beautiful 3-Cherub Fountain 

Belgian Hard-Stone Road Post
Number 9

Lovely Old Grave Markers

Another Cool Statue

Don't'll be able to buy items for more than just your garden! We also have a great selection of furniture (both vintage and new) plus our signature Ekster-style decor and home furnishings AND lots of amazing vintage items too!
Watch for many more preview photos to come over the next few weeks too!

Quick Reminder:
Upcoming Ekster Barn Sale Dates:
Sept 28-30, 2012 (Friday-Sunday) from 10 am to 5 pm each day
Hope you will be able to make it!!!


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