Monday, March 12, 2012

A Big Thanks and Good Soup

Hi everyone! Thank you to EVERYONE for coming out to the recent Barn Sales!

Now that the sale is over, I can slow down a bit! The other night, we got together with some dear friends for dinner. I wanted to keep the food simple, so I ended up making a big pot of good-for-you soup.  Everyone loved it, so I wanted to share the ingredients .... since it's not really a recipe!

 Caroline's Wild Rice & Turkey Soup
I started with a big stock pot of good-quality chicken stock.  I poured in (after rinsing) about 8 oz. of Trader Joes Wild rice, and let this cook for about 45 minutes on its own (low heat).

In my Le Creuset casserole pot, I cooked up two large white onions, a full celery bunch, and two or three large carrots (all cubed very small) into a fair amount of mild olive oil.  I cooked this on low heat for about half an hour till very tender.

In a non-stick pan I cooked up a standard pack of bacon (you can use turkey bacon, if you prefer), not too crispy but well-done. Drain oil and cut into fine pieces.

Next, I cooked a pack of Wegmans chicken sausage breakfast links, until nicely done, crispy on the outside, cut up in small slices. 

My other ingredients include: seasonings to taste (salt and a good grinder pepper), a bunch of scallions- finely cut up, a huge handful of cut-up cilantro, a can of drained white beans (I used small white northern beans, Wegmans) AND two thick slices (about half inch each) of Wegmans smoked turkey breast, from their deli meat section, cut up in small cubes.  Then I added everything together in the stock, cooked it together at low heat for about 15 minutes and then turned the heat off and let the soup cool and settle for a few hours. 

Reheat before serving with ciabatta bread and Danish butter...and red wine(!)

The crunchy wild rice is really good in this soup and the meats give the stock a very nice flavor.

Let me know if you try it out!