Friday, December 14, 2012

Today Begins the End-of-Year Sale!

Hello, Everyone!

As a reminder, the barn sale begins today!  Here are a few more photos to the sale.  We are open Friday (today), Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 5pm each day.  Here are the directions to the sale. 

Check out the Ekster Antiques Facebook page for more photos.

I can’t wait to see you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Setting an Elegant Table

With the holidays and holiday parties upon us, I thought I'd share you some of my decorating tips.  Remember that Friday, Saturday and Sunday we're holding a barn sale.  These table-setting goodies are available at the sale!

When I set a table, it's a staging-in-motion.  Whether I am setting up a scene for my barn sale, or setting up to have guests over for dinner, the thought process is pretty much the same:  'How many people, where are we sitting, what are we eating," etc. 

Of course staging in a barn or (let's say) for a movie, is a little different than for an actual party at your home.  However, the one common thread to me is always  "drama," "impact," "wow factor.” 

For those sporadic times I entertain my friends at home, I appreciate the "wows" and in return, I am sure my guests appreciate seeing the time I put into "making it special."    So..... here's how I do it:

Start with a great table, bigger is better.  I'm not into dark brown woods, and I feature mostly whitewashed and distressed woods with beautiful textures in my barns and home.  Anything to create drama. 

Then....... look for your inner placemat girl.  I am currently using old roof slates, but who knows what's around the bend? ;-)  I cannot emphasize enough:  layering!  Make it richer than you really are! 

Next, you’ll need a charger, something larger than your dinner plate, just for OOMPH (it has not other use!)...  then find large dinner plates, very simple, and possibly more scalloped or adorned medium-size plates, and to top it off, smaller bowls for an hors d'oeuvre or a soup. 

For cutlery (or silverware as you call it here), you will need as many as you serve courses, so smaller knife and fork for starter or soup spoon; knife, fork and spoon for main course, and appropriate ware for your dessert choice.  It is fun to assemble good-quality vintage, or if you prefer, nice modern ware to offset your vintage plates?  I am all about combining old and new.  

Glassware too is important, especially when decorating with vintage dishes, the clean glass will give a lighter feel to the rest of the table.  I like big goblets for red and white wine and like to collect old stemware for shot glasses and cordials/cocktails etc. 

Lastly, I go for beautiful serving ware, such as platters, tureens, bowls etc.   Bigger and cleaner-looking is best, in my opinion, combine old and new, but keep lines clean, not fussy.  A beautiful silver-plated soup ladle is a worthy investment.  It makes soup look that much more delicious and is something you will cherish for years.  In fact, most of my serving pieces are vintage.  Some I have had re-silvered to prolong their life!   

Which brings me to napkin rings:  another great item to collect!  So fun to have a mix-match of different styles and to unify them with large, brandnew, clean linen or cotton-blend napkins!  Looks ueber classy.  During the holidays, I’m pairing ironstone with glittery ornaments—simply chic.

Good luck, send me pictures!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Barn Sale This Friday, Saturday and Sunday: December 14-16

Hello, Everyone!

I'm so excited to welcome you to the Ekster barns this weekend, starting Friday at 10 a.m., for the end-of-year sale!  The two main rooms will be open with loads of furniture, decorations, old and new, at great prices.

The sales are 10 am to 5 pm each day.  Here are the directions to the sale [link]. 

Here are a few photos of the sale to give you an impression.  Check out the Ekster Antiques Facebook page [link] for more photos.

** Photos by Jalapeño Photography