Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meanwhile I have been staging and decorating 
some lovely homes around the region.

Here are some Pictures.




People often wonder why I do not post my Sale Dates more frequently, or why I don't have more sales-for that matter.....

As it is, I travel to Europe to acquire my goods.  It's not a Quick Trip to the Local Antiques Market, it is a hectic, very complex 10 to 14 days where I visit all the Contacts I have built up in 12 years. Some times (depending on my cash flow) I buy as much as 3 forty foot containers in a trip. 

Then, I orchestrate how all these goods make it over to the USA, from centrally locating them in Europe, to packing them in a travel-worthy manner.....

Once en route, I depend on many logistics, such as shipping schedules, broker logistics, US Customs regulations, trucking availabilities and other (boring) details, before I finally am able to receive these shipments at my barn, where.....

I set everything up....

Some time early May 2014
Will post details!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Just returned from Europe

Amazing finds arriving soon

Next Sale End- April

Dates to be posted soon