Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My apologies for the time-lapse in posting Ekster updates!
The simple truth:  I got locked out of my own blog and was too busy figuring out how
to get back in!   I will be updating my website soon (stay tuned for details and credits)!

In any event, in case you thought I was sitting still, well,... I know if you know me at all you know that I never sit still for long..... :-)

The below-post house on Dorset Avenue in Chevy Chase SOLD less than a month after listing
(and so did most of my furnishings!)


I staged another beautiful home completely gutted and redone by the incomparable
Charlet Wang and listed by the equally lovable Mary Lynn White of 

Evers & Co.

Here is that listing and some photos to drool over....



I flew to Holland and ventured into Belgium and France....

and found some incredible unique items, all one-of-a-kind....

and other uniques, which we are known for...

such as this amazing cabinet, with doors so heavy it takes two guys (or me) to pull them off :-)


I flew back to the USA, but not before hanging out with my lovely Dutch family.  Did I ever tell you Dutch people are amongst the tallest in the world?  

Here is the proof (me and my 4 cousins ranging in age 11 to 28)  As you can see
the 11-year old has overtaken me already and I'm 5.7  :-)

and they're pretty cute to boot!!!

Stay tuned for more info soon!


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